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Why Equine Therapy?

     As prey animals, horses are constantly aware of everything and everyone in their environment.  It is the gift they have been given that allows them to keep themselves and their herd safe.  It's also what makes them highly attuned to changes in our emotional states, even when we ourselves are unaware of them.  This innate ability to sense the smallest of changes within us, then give us instant feedback, make them invaluable partners and teachers as we work our way through life and all of the things it throws at us; grief, trauma, anxiety, depression...the list goes on and on and is different for each of us.  But what remains the same is the horse's ability to help us recognize all of the emotions that come along with these experiences and then figure out what to do with them.

     Equine Therapy sessions offer an alternative to traditional talk therapy that can feel less threatening and more inviting than an office setting.  It allows us to build a relationship built on trust, honesty, humility and patience with an incredible, majestic animal whose ability to help knows no end and leaves us with real-life experiences to take with us and apply in our everyday lives.


A horse is not just a horse.

He is sanity.

He is happiness.

He is a teacher, a therapist, a best friend.


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