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Travis Moore, LPC

Campfire Counseling

Travis Moore is the owner and founder of Campfire Counseling. He started the organization in 2018 to share the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors with clients in North Texas. Travis approaches counseling with a unique perspective, and whenever possible, he tries to integrate forms of creative counseling into his sessions. He often meets with his clients outdoors and offers walk-and-talk sessions at local parks and nature preserves. Travis also integrates outdoor experiential therapy activities like fly fishing and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy to facilitate processing and encourage the development of new coping skills. 

April Dudynski, LPC

April served as a 5th grade public school teacher for 11 years and saw first hand the impact of daily stressors on mental health. This experience kindled a desire to become a mental health counselor and advocate. April currently still works in the school system as a crisis counselor. She has a unique strength of building quick rapport with teens and strives to bridge the relationship between teens and guardians. April's experiences include working with teens who have experienced trauma, engage in self harm, and assisting neurodivergent individuals (ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, etc.) with self-discovery. While much of April's experiences are with teens, she also enjoys working with adults of all ages who have experienced trauma, trouble with life changes, and/or are late diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, or Autism. She was raised on a hobby farm in Quinlan, TX and believes in the healing that comes from being active in the outdoors and even just sitting in the Texas sunshine. 

Dixie Webster, LPC-Associate

Under the supervision of Lauren Coats, MS, LPC-S

Rockwall Counseling & Wellness

Dixie Webster meets each client with warmth, respect, and compassion. She believes in partnering with clients to achieve their best possible outcomes. Dixie will use her extensive people experience and knowledge of evidence-based psychotherapy techniques to help you explore ways to improve interpersonal effectiveness and achieve your goals. Dixie believes strongly in the incredible potential found in every human being. Unfortunately, negative emotions and unproductive thinking patterns interfere with our ability to achieve that potential. This can lead to issues with anxiety and depression. Therapy can give you a deeper understanding of the origin and impact of your unique thinking patterns. Learn how to create more productive thought patterns that support growth and help you tap into your innate potential.

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